6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews

Often times when you are having a party or get together, your guests may want to join you in your new hot tub, but you may be worried that your tub isn’t big enough for everyone. They do make larger models that can fit up to 6 people at once, and that is exactly what we are going to look at today. We will review several models available to find the best 6 person inflatable hot tub. Since size is our main concern I intend to focus on that heavily. Additionally, other features and price will be factored in as well, all to conclude which 6 person inflatable hot tub is ideal.


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M-SPA Super Camaro B-150 6-Person Inflatable Bubble Spa

6 person inflatable hot tub

This M-Spa 6 person inflatable hot tub is a surprisingly durable work of craftsmanship. Often, one of the biggest complaints I hear towards inflatable hot tubs, is that they can’t be that sturdy. Although, I have seen some that I would not recommend, this one is very well built and I believe will hold up for quite a while. The inside diameter is about 60 inches (around 5 feet) and there are 6 cushioned areas for seating. The cover is nice and thick too, so you shouldn’t have any issues with cats or other animals tearing it up. As far as heating goes, if you fill it with cold tap water, it will take approximately 10-12 hours to heat it to the maximum (104 F). A great trick you can do instead is draw water from your hot water heater. I used the hot water line from my washer by setting up a splitter and run it directly into the hot tub. The water comes out a little hotter (115 F in my case), but wait about an hour or so for it to cool down a little and it’s ready.

M-SPA J-213 6-Person Jet Spa

6 person Inflatable hot tub

If you prefer an M-Spa hot tub, but want extra features than what the last model offered, this is a great alternative. This 6 person inflatable hot tub features 8 powerful, adjustable massaging jets for extra relaxation and turbulence. It also holds a whopping 320 gallons of water (a full 75 gallons over the previous model).  You can really enjoy the benefits of a hydrotherapy spa with this model. This one also features an external control box with touch button controls to easily customize your spa experience however you like. Once you get this setup and get in, you won’t want to leave. There is also an insulated heat cover that will keep it warm for a whole day, so you can jump right back in. No need to reheat. There are many accessories available for the M-Spa hot tubs too, so it’s easy to customize these to your exact specifications if you pay a little extra, like this premium all-weather cover. This tub is a little more expensive than the base model, but I believe you really get your moneys worth out of it.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub

6 person portable hot tub

Moving away from the M-Spa brand, we can now take a look at a Bestway Lay-Z-Spa portable hot tub. This 6 person inflatable hot tub is much cheaper than the previous reviewed models but does lack a few features that I believe are worth mentioning. For one, there are no seats. It does make the spa a little more roomy, but you are left either squatting, or on your knees if you aren’t tall enough to sit on the bottom. There are no “jets” per se. It still has bubble jets to create turbulence, but you won’t find any to blow on your back or feet specifically. Also, there is a “feature” that if left on for 3 days, the unit will shut down and will have to be restarted. This helps to save on electricity when it’s not being used, but can happen at inopportune times if you’re not careful. What it lacks in features, it makes up for with simplicity. It’s easy to setup, easy to fill, and easy to operate. Also, buying spa chemicals will make this very easy to clean and maintain as well.

Best 6 person inflatable hot tub is…

After looking over each one, for the price and features available I have to choose the M-SPA J-213 6-Person Jet Spa as the best 6 person inflatable hot tub of the group. I don’t typically go for the top of the line model when choosing options, but the features that are presented can’t be replaced and I feel you really get extra than what you pay for when purchasing this model.

Have anything to add? Maybe you had a different experience than I did with these hot tubs. Let me know in the comments.

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