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When choosing the best inflatable hot tub, you will need to take several factors into consideration. For instance, you will first need to determine if a particular size is preferred. Some hot tubs can fit as many as 6 people in them, but if you don’t need that, then you can disregard these models. We will look at the top selling tub in each size and you can easily choose which is best for you based on the information given.

The reviews below are just highlights of some of the features. To view the full product specs and features, click on any of the product images to go directly to the detailed sales page.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

best inflatable hot tub

This Coleman Lay-Z Spa is actually the best seller on Amazon of all the inflatable and portable hot tubs. So I figure it’s as good as any place to start. Your purchase of this unit includes a DVD detailing spa setup and maintenance. You get the heating system and a water filtration system with filter cartridge. Also included is an insulated cover that latches against the hot tub that will keep debris out as well as keep the tub warm when not in use. There is also a heavy duty repair patch in the event that the unit gets torn. There isn’t anything too fancy about this tub, but it’s cheap and it gets the job done. This tub is the cheapest inflatable hot tub of the bunch, but don’t think that means it’s the worst. Let’s take a look at the next one for our search for the best inflatable hot tub.

M-SPA J-213 6-Person Jet Spa

best 6 person Inflatable hot tub

This was my chosen favorite of the 6 person inflatable hot tubs. It comes with 8 powerful, adjustable massage jets for relaxation and hydrotherapy. The material used is an extra durable, premium PVC black leather. It’s probably the largest of the inflatable hot tubs available as it holds 320 gallons of water and the dimensions are 80 inches x 90 inches x 28 inches fully inflated. The extra insulation used with the insulated thermal cover included will keep the tub warm while not in use to reduce reheating time. There are several accessories available for this model as well, so you can customize it however you like. Speaking of customization, the external control panel will let you adjust the water temperature and turbulence to your own liking as well. Once this is all setup and heated, you really won’t want to leave. There’s a reason I chose this as the best inflatable hot tub for 6 people.

Intex 79In X 79In X28In PureSpa Portable Jet & Bubble Deluxe Set

best intex inflatable hot tub

I struggled to find another category to pull from to find the best inflatable hot tub. I find that most models are round, and while there’s nothing wrong with round, some people want something different. So I chose an octagon shaped inflatable hot tub as the last category. The inner/outer diameter of this tub is 59 inches/79 inches respectively, so it’s still close to your standard 4 person size. Included in the purchase is your standard equipment (inflation hose, insulated cover, etc.), a floating chlorine dispenser, thermal ground cloth, and a carry bag. You can really pamper yourself and relax, surrounded by heated water and soothing massage jets.

The best inflatable hot tub is…

The 3 tubs here are the best inflatable hot tubs of their respective categories. The best inflatable hot tub for 6 people, the best cheap (and overall bestseller) and the best octagon shaped hot tub. Each one offers different advantages and will really be ideal for different situations. I like the M-SPA J-213 6-Person Jet Spa personally, but this won’t be the best for you if you don’t often have several people wanting to use it.

Do you have a different preference for the best inflatable hot tub? Possibly one not listed here? If so, let me know in the comments below.

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