Coleman Lay-A-Spa inflatable hot tub review

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

The Coleman Lay-Z Spa inflatable hot tub is currently our #1 best seller inflatable hot. I wanted to mention that first, as I believe customer ratings of products should be held very high. They will really tell if something doesn’t last like it should, or if something goes bad. You get a unbiased review of the product in addition to all the detailed specifications that the manufacturer provides to you.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Measuring in at 76 inches across and 28 inches tall, this Coleman branded Lay-Z Spa holds 254 gallons of water at 80% capacity. The materials used is a double layer of PVC reinforced by a 3rd layer of polyester mesh between the 2 layers. The walls on the Coleman Lay-Z Spa inflatable hot tub use an I-Beam construction technique, making them extra sturdy. They can support someone sitting or leaning against the wall without it bending or buckling. The outside of the tub has been coated with a synthetic leather-like material that increases it’s durability against punctures. Unfilled, the unit weighs about 86 pounds, so while a little heavy, definitely not bad as far as inflatable hot tubs go. The tub will comfortably hold 4 adults, and you can even get up to 6 if you squeeze together. Also featured is a cushioned ground mat that not only adds an extra layer of comfort for those sitting in the tub, but it also will keep the underside of the tub clean and protected from dirt and debris.

The combo heater and pump uses a digital display to adjust the temperature up to a maximum of 104 F. The unit heats at a rate of 2 – 3 degrees per hour, so unless you tap into your hot water heater to load the tub, it will need to heat overnight to reach the maximum temperature. Just be sure to set the inflatable hot tub up at least 1 day before you want to use it, and it will be ready for you. The pump can also be used as an air blower to inflate hot tub. The air blower is also what provides air for the tubs 120 bubble jets. Be sure to watch the air gauge when inflating your tub to avoid over inflation. There are valves built into the tub to assist in inflating your tub easily, and they help to keep the your tub from deflating when you disconnect the pump. Also included is a special tightening wrench that will allow you to tighten the valves over time to prevent any growing air leaks.

This inflatable hot tub also includes a fitted cover, finished with the same green Coleman branded material as the tub. The cover features a foil lining which helps to keep the water extra warm when not in use. Under the cover is an inflatable disc that sits on top of the tub to prevent the cover from sagging or holding rain water or other debris. Around the outside of the tub, there are several built in buckles to secure the cover, as well as handles for moving the tub (when it’s empty).

Lastly, the Coleman Lay-Z Spa inflatable hot tub includes a few extras for hot tub maintenance and warranty. You get 1 filter cartridge, a patch kit, a chemical floater, and an instructional DVD that overs all the maintenance and setup. The warranty covers the pump and heater for 1 year, the inflatable hot tub for 90 days, and all the hoses and fittings for 30 days. Be sure to inspect everything thoroughly once it’s setup and continue for the first month so you can report any issues promptly to get them repaired or replaced.

The Coleman Lay-Z Spa inflatable hot tub is the perfect choice for a budget minded individual and with all the user reviews, you can see exactly how others felt about their purchase. If you have any questions or comments about this model, leave them in the comments section below. I love to hear what others think of their new tubs, or any information that you are looking for.

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